Adidas and Planets 9 Joint names Latest Coloring Star Wars X Adidas \\\”Ultraboost\\\” Offering Price

Many appearances of adidas new products recently have been passed on the Internet, which is likely to be Adidas in the future of the Star Wars linkage. At the end of the year, the \\\”Star Wars 9: The Rise\\\” of the Star Wars is released, and the chances of this opportunity will once again to restart this super-level series. Like a small partner follows Xiaobian to see the Star Wars and Adidas\’ works!

Adidas and Planet Wars \\\”Ultraboost\\\” real

Nike Shoes Orange


This Ultraboost is designed to rebel the army\’s X-Wing The fighter is inspiration, gray, white, orange, black color

Side X-Wing body pattern and footwear \\\”The Force Will Be with you always\\\” slogan.

Star Wars X adidas sale information

Adidas actually launched a lot of commodities with the clock warning, but the design level is high. I don\’t know what I think this X-Wing Ultraboost is designed?

The Domestic Offering date has not been released, and interested small partners can continue to pay attention to our information, we will bring follow-up tracking reports in the first time.

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Das and King\’s glory joint shoes

Joint name Zhuge

Nike Spandex

Light version of the shoe is HOOPS2

The joint of Li Baihe is Bball90S

There is a Li Bai\’s wine pot logo, and the back is the color TEE;

After the lamination of the Adidas logo, it is very convenient to wear, and the shoe box is also printed with the glory of the king\’s glory