Adidas Federated Star Wars Bidder Hunter Offers: Star Fragrance!

This year is the 40th anniversary of \\\”Star Wars: Imperial Counterattack\\\”, in order to celebrate this moment, the online star wars x adidas Originals Top Ten Hi \\\”Boba Fett\\\”, StarCraft is not moving ~ especially The side of the shoes tongue side shoes is still in line with Boba Fett characters, let\’s take a look.

Adidas Federated Star Wars Bidder Hunter Offers: Star Fragrance!

STARWARSXADIDAS to celebrate the 40th anniversary of \\\”Star Wars: Imperial Counterattack\\\”, launch Top Ten Hi \\u0026 Quot; Boba Fett \\u0026 Quot; Shoes will be available on September 24, 2020.

Green upper

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From Boba\’s Mandaro fighting armor, with red details, shoes help also have classic toolkits design.

Unlike the conventional shoe box of the biography

Baby Nike

, the most bright

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is to draw the toy hanging card The design technique of packaging is displayed by opening the window, and the corresponding sealing of Boba Fett can create a unique effect of more collection properties.

Adidas Federated Planet Wars Bid Hunter how

For the current color of the shoes, Xiaobian thinks this pair is the most in Adi Xing. Have a sincere shoe, design is very useful, the color is also good, in addition to restoring the classic color matching, the shoe body adds a unique equipment pocket, adding one point to the shoe body to play attribute, this time the private house is The place is hidden, it is a bit too obvious. However, the little friend feels that the old drama is put in the shoe box than wearing a good-looking shoes on the feet. What do you think?

Why is the Star War I like

No matter what the era, the sword is the most popular, the most pleasing. This topic of the Star War has too much love to be inside, it is really a case where it is easy to touch G point. From the perspective of film review, individuals believe that the highest level must be an imperial counterattack. Not only special effects first-class (according to the standard of the year), but also the story is compact, there is basically no diaper, the actor\’s actor is basically passed. Moreover, the director is very in place for the control of the screen and light.