Adidas New Kamanda Series Feet Adidas Kamanda When

The Adidas Kamanda series is outside the Adidas Prophere and Adidas Crazy Byw, and the brand has brought a new series. This shoe is very concerned, and many of the friends are in listening to this pair of shoes. The news, the fun stream, Xiaobian is no exception, as adidas\’s brain disabled powder, Adidas\’s shoes Xiaobian will be aware.

Adidas new Kamanda series latest foot chart

nonsense, first look at the feet

Is it very handsome? Super trend, like coconut shape, simple

Take a look at this perfect shape, but this pair of shoes have not used primeknit to weave material, but with suede leather replacement [ 123]

Its irregular bumps and written bronzes Kamanda

N 354 Nike Shoes White

markers may become a point.

Anyway, a handsome word

Interesting network Xiaobian wants to start this pair this year, to work hard

The effect of the foot I am very good, great

The shape of the sole is still very low, haha \\u200b\\u200b

Adidas Kamanda is for sale

The temporary official is still not announced, but it can be predicted that this pair will be released immediately. I hope the friends will wait patiently with Xiaobian

After seeing these onpread pictures, you are waiting for sale. Do you pay a bill after information?

Where is Adidas?

Where is the advantage of Adidas? Maybe you will say Boost\’s research and development, maybe you will say a more comfortable package, but I will say – is the attitude of production!

When we have been getting the quality of the disease Nike, peeling and other quality problems, there are very few similar reports and complaints appearing on adidas (Of course, there must be some). Birth in Germany, natural will be a

J Balvin Nike Shoes

If you have a rigorous, Adidas\’s balloon, you can\’t see too much, affect the appearance and affect the appearance. The problem of actual performance appears.

Maybe you will complain that \\\”the current Ai\’s shoes are really resistant\\\”, \\\”Adidas Protective I think it is still a general.\\\” But Adidas rebounded in the state of the basketball foot industry, except for Boost\’s research and development, more consumersThe requirements for the appearance and quality of the ball shoe, and this is what Nike carefully advertised

Nike Cortez

, Adidas is doing things.

Nike has a unique personality, lively and active, likes to show yourself, and excellent propaganda and \\\”NBA in the United States\\\” advantage make Nike naturally in the basketball industry.And Adidas also did not give up the efforts, quality and quality inspections of nike hands in the rice bowl, and the quality and quality inspection.

Can Adidas be unveiled in the past few years?