AF1 MID Black and White Color Offers Air Force 1 MID Rework

AF1 was born in 1982, a pair of unconfilled old gun shoes, this pair of shoes have been tested for 37 years, still is one of the very popular shoes in today\’s baskets. Recently, as summer past AF also brought new shoes for many fans to autumn and winter. Let\’s take a look at Xiaobian to see this latest AF1.

AF1 MID black and white color high-definition real appreciation

This shoe has a black and white color match, black body with white

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sole. The classic Swoosh with side body is very eye-catching. The leather material used in this pair of shoes made this shoe in the back of the two rainfall in autumn and winter. I saved a lot of trouble.

This shoe uses a middle gang design in the shoe collar, so that the entire shoe has a good warmth, there is also a wild value.

After the foot

AF1 MID black and white color release information

Currently, this shoe is not officially announced. . So the fans who like to face shoes may wait for a while. Since this shoe is specially designed for autumn and winter, Xiaobian believes that this shoe should be released in the last time, please love the small partner waiting to wait

AF1 high And in the middle, low help how to choose

low help to wear 9 pants or shorts to show your ankles or legs, and the pants are best

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Don\’t be broad The kind of leg, such a match will appear

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Legs long, the whole is more energetic. This kind of match is not too high, and the average person can control it.

In addition to the same match with the low help, there is another very feeling that is a long trousers, and then let the trousers on the shoes, compared with the reveal. The ankle is matched, this kind of feeling is natural and comfortable, a bit like the curtains in the home, just a lot of seats on the ground, very comfortable.

High help is the most height, generally not enough or thick legs are not very good, you can wear a tight pants to match, because the volume of the high help Big, so that the match will look for your feet very fine, the overall form will be repaired.