Converse Pro BB high and low help shoes are about to offer Converse Pro BB actual combat

Since Converse is determined to return to the basketball shoe market, it has caused a lot of sensation in the balloon. After all, Converse is also a family of basketball shoes. This return is also worth looking forward to, in addition to the high sale of Gao Converse PRO In addition to BB shoes, nearly Japan is about to sell a pair of low-top shoes, let\’s take a look at Xiaobian.

Converse PRO BB high and low shoes are about to be released

Two color names Eclipse, translated into \\\”Monthly\\\”. The whole double shoe uses simple black and white, the first half of the shoe is white, and the second half is black, which makes up the unique yin and yang effect, and also reflects the topic of the meal.

▼ High-gland all star pro bb Eclipse

▼ New Low Gang All Star Pro Bb Eclipse

This The maximum highlight is a newly created low-value version, and the upper foot can provide a more lightweight and sensitive performance. Equipped with the full hand React to slowing the schematic, more fedback more, and the response is more timely. Semi-transparent materials

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Can you see the CONVERSE classic star arrow logo, showing full retro temperament and domineering.

Official confirmation high, low-to-list Converse All Star Pro Bb Eclipse will land in official website on January 2, 2020, CONVERSE Tmall flagship store, line The designated shop will also be released in the same period. Among them, high-gland pricing ¥ 999 RMB, low-raising pricing ¥ 939 RMB, interested friends may wish to pay attention to our information, we will bring the latest release reminder in the first time.

Converse Pro BB how to do

appearance: this does not need to speak, look at personal eyes, Xiaobian feels that it is still very like liberation shoes after the feet

Package: Net-shaped upper, upper material uses quadfit technology, the first feeling after the feet, very light, no last hole, feel the package after the foot, still very tight However, a little thing to vomiting is the problem of laces, always open, need to be two ways.

Capitality: The unveiled Nike React bubble technology is used in the process of playing down, giving me the feeling

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is the cushioning Not very obvious, but it is not very bad, my weight is 83kg, belongs to fat, such a cushioning is a mid-ruled medium for me.Bar.

Grizzling: This is still very good, and the actual venue is a wooden floor. In the process of rushing and retreat, there is no slippage.Especially when they stop, it is also very good.

Wear resistance: If this is, there is no reference to the meaning of reference, after all, in the room

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, and the actual time is not long.

Converse PRO BB basketball shoes how

This time Converse basketball shoes still used a little thoughts in design, the first use of Nike\’s quadfit shoesFace; the second use is Nike\’s React core; then the third point of shape is integrated; carrying the React core, Xiaobian feels still expectation.

But some small partners think that if they are still in the basketball shoes of the road, they are handsome.Basketball, even if it\’s all, you can rely on the REACT insole, it is really unreliable.Want to buy basketball shoes or look at Owen PG or Li Ning series