Flashing 2 World Earth Japanese color sale Flash 2 World Earth Day breathable?

The color value and actual performance of Picker Flash 2 are very good. Recently, the recent reception has launched a new flash 2 World Earth Japanese color, this brand new color release has attracted many shoe fans to watch. Let\’s take you a short color style!

Flashing 2 World Earth Day Color Offer

This new color color launched by the Socker is built in the world Earth Day, the whole body is the same as the lake

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and Navy Blue-based, such color matching just echo the color of the East Ocean and plants, and the shape of the white line outlined in the upper is printed. Not only that, the green corduroy of the shoes followed by this pair of shoes and the texture of the texture and the stunned suede showed the image of the forest. At present, this new color match has not yet released the specific release information. The friends who like friends may wish to have a lot of time

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Flashing 2 World Earth Day breathable?

Peak 2 World Earth\’s day gas permeability, flash 2 is not bad, but the breathable is general. In fact, this is a common problem of most of the shoes. The shoes are generally part of the winter and summer, even the summer version of the shoes,

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will be more than ordinary shoes. Because the ball shoes will sacrifice gas permeability in order to pursue the wrap and support. However, for the actual combat party, such a shoe can also accept ~

Earth global day bias code

Some bigger, so everyone is buying You can choose a small size. Xiaobian normal size, before starting to flash 2 specially bought half code, just right. Pixi\’s shoes are generally large, such as flashing 2, and there is also a small triangle series. The ball shoes seem to be a common problem of our domestic shoes, because our Asian foot type is relatively wide, so this design can also be understood, just hope that domestic brands can be re-entered again ~

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