Fluorescent Yeezy basketball shoes for sale fluorescent yeezy basketball shoes how to configure

There are two phenomena on the streets, one is a national AJ. Another kind is a national coconut. Recently, Kanye West announced this pair of fluorescent Yeezy basketball shoes in a swallow, social platform. So when is the fluorescent Yeezy basketball shoes for sale? How is the fluorescent Yeezy basketball shoes configuration? Let\’s take a look.

Fluorescence Yeezy basketball shoes for sale

At present, the official did not give any release news, but I heard that this new Yeezy basketball shoes will be released in 2019, a small partner Or

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Waiting for

Fluorescence Yeez

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y how basketball shoes

I have exposed an upcoming Yeezy basketball shoes in Instagram. What can be seen is that the personal interpretation

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is in place, consistent with conventional basketball shoes is that the feature of the shoe is not \\\”show\\\” as the routine matching item, relatively coarse The shoe-type mating 3M element is also expensive

This shoe is a mid-help, Xiaobian believes that this shoe wrap should be quite good [123

In fact, you will find that this shoe pressure road is also a handsome man