How many Ma Shangbrucks is very powerful?

Ma Shang suddenly broke the news, I don\’t know if you have seen it. This injury has a big impact on the defending of the Guangdong team. It seems that this season can only be reimbursed. But there are still many small friends who care about the annual salary of Ma Shangbrucks? Let\’s take a look.

Mashangbrucks annual salary

According to the Yamanbrucks annual salary, it is almost a thousands of US dollars, and it is almost more than 1,300 million, Yang Yi is horses. The broker, the annual words can be almost got up to $ 400,000, which is still very considerable.

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Ma Shanghe Wims who is powerful

Xiaobian feels that Ma Shangbrucks and Wims are excellent foreign aid, the integrated capacity of the two is not intercourse . In the defensive end Wems\’ role than Ma Shangbrucksqi, Wems can also play the No. 3 position. However, Ma Shangbrucks is more powerful than Wims, and both are strong in the control competition.

The impact of Ma Shang andchi is broken to the Guangdong team

Ma Shang suddenly broke the cracks, the Guangdong team\’s defending road was once again covered with a layer of shadow . Do you think the Guangdong team can achieve defending this season?

And now it is now not to discuss the Guangdong team signing new foreign aid, and now there is 6 rounds left, full of full calculation for half a month. The new foreign aid will come to the visa to do one month, then calculate the 14 + 7 of the need to isolate, wait for him to play, the league ends

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