Huarache E.D.G.E gray blue physical appreciation Nike huarache e.d.g.e gray blue release information

Nike\’s hurache e.d.g.e shoe collection has a large number of technologies, classic hurache shoes designed for catering to different runners, and the light-filled mixed-to-avant design plastics their wild attributes. Today, Xiaobian gave everyone a gray blue colored hurache e.d.g.e. Interested partners come with Xiaobian to see it!

Nike Huarache EDGE TXT Gray Blue Introduction

The gas permeable mesh boots uses pure white and soft gray contrast mixing color, allowed directly to lace Royal blue embellishment of strip, tongue and after Swoosh sign.

To provide additional flocking, the conventional change is different, this new cover version replaces its common leather middle and foot cover to furry suede fabrics. A more robust and durable appearance is provided for these fabrics.

The classic LOGO is printed on the most prominent position of the tongue, and the extension of the insole comes with e.d.g.e Swoosh.

Huarache EDGE TXT gray blue physical appreciation

There is currently no news in this shoe, but it is reported that the small partner that will be released in December, You can continue to pay attention to us, we will definitely release the first information. Interested small partners can also search for item numbers

Nike huarache Edge Txt

Offers: $ 110

style code: BQ5101-20

NIKE Blazers Mid 77 Women


Tinker Hatfield\’s latest blue black color design inspiration, giving hurache futures style. Outside toe site printing

Nike Flex Runner Boys

has \\\”Tinfl\\\”, meaning no matter who you are, \\\”there is no finish line



Huarache EDGE evaluation

Huarache shoes referring to Nike Original hurache concept, Nike\’s ranking, the most prominent feature of the huarache concept is to have a light commonality. Huarache technology, cool nominal. The breathable powder is very good, and it is also equipped with a high-level cushioning, it can strain a variety of different foot types..Interested small partners hurry up!