KD13 black gold color spy photos appreciation KD13 basketball shoes when

Durant injured, Durant\’s fans were sadd from the pain of his pain, basically this season was unable to see him in NB

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A Playing, can Durant, who have been 33, can also return to the peak after recurring? This, I think it is very difficult to say that Kobe will never go back to the original state, then Durant I think it is also very suspended. Recently commemorates Durant\’s pair of shoes, it is also exposed in advance, and give everyone below. Shop appreciation of KD13 black gold color, when is KD13 basketball shoes? Let\’s take a look at Xiaobian!

KD13 black gold color spy photos appreciation

The color of this pair of shoes is made from pure black and a shining golden Nike standard, and there are some white on the upper. The little bit is dotted, it looks very bright, this pair of shoes seems very delicate, very textured!

When is KD13 basketball shoes?

Durant in the rookie season is 60 million US dollars with Nike The endorsement contract. Do you know why Durant lies? Because he is afraid that the big one is not selling shoes. In 2014, Andema has quoted Durant in 10 years, Nike decisively matches and renewed with its renewal of 10 years, and thus visible Nike Durant\’s sentiment. Ok,

What would the KD series after Durant bunxion? From the injury of Adu, at least 9-11 months, everything goes well, it is possible to come out next spring, and is catching up with the During the KD series. KD13 will definitely design a new design for Durant\’s injury, and join a commemorative element. In fact, Nike has this experience, we may wish to refer to Kobe and tendon baked signature shoes design. Therefore, KD13 will definitely make considerations for Durant\’s cyclancing, the date of the KD13 has to wait until KD re-returned the ball, so KD13 is likely to be sold at the end of 2020!

When Durant comes back

Durant will be under

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season\’s NBA backup, the return time will be in 20- 21 season, join hands with Owen to reactivate the impact on the championship!