Kobe AD NXT and AJ33 How to choose Kobe AD NXT and AJ33 comparison

Although Kobe has retired for 3 years but Nike does not use to stop selling signature shoes, the Kobe AD NXT series in the Sales of Sales for a few days, this ball of Kobe AD NXT series is compared by many fans and AJ33, followed by Xiaobian\’s two pairs of shoes will be brought to comparison

Kobe AD NXT and AJ33\’s exterior design

First let\’s see Kobe AD NXT this pair of white red two Color matching, presenting a very simple structure. The crystal surface outside the shoe will be wrapped up the entire shoe body. In the transparent outsole, you can see the gray red center, and the overall shoes are very outstanding. The straps and magic stickers in the body are also very convenient.

AJ33 Surface Design

AJ33 White Ball Shoes or white-mainly, the middle and tongue parts of the sole still have this AJ\’s logo, the bottom of the sole feels Very texture, it is also very convenient to design the strap design as Kobe AD NX

t like Kobe High Women

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Nike Dunk High Women


Total Kobe AD NXT This shoe and AJ33 this shoe has many similar places whether it is from the shape or a strap, these are many fans will put these two The shoes are brought to comparison.

How to choose Kobe AD NXT and AJ33

We are choosing 2 questions that will pay attention to the shoes, 1 shoe\’s color value, choose this shoe, suitable for yourself, your own An impression is that I don\’t like it. I\’m going to see two pairs of shoes from the outer shape. So everyone can choose according to their preferences. 2 The price of Kobe AD NXT is 1399, and the price of AJ33 is also 1399, and the two are not different in terms of price. So everyone should pay according to their own preferences, Xiaobian individuals when choosing two shoes I think Kobe AD NXT is better.

Kobe AD NXT and AJ33 evaluation

First let\’s see AJ33

Durability. This is a bad place for 33. First of all, the pulley of the PULL, because the first left foot is great, now the left is loose than the right side … Secondly, the black-losing laundry, there is already a netizen

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I was broken, I am also occasionally

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once pulled out … scared

. Whether it is the side, or the whole palm is very good. There are plastic anti-meticulous slices on the side and post-follow.

Come.The front palm is awkward, and the rear palm does not know that it is a material, it feels more hard.

Let\’s take a look at Kobe AD NXT

The upper is the main line of the Kobe series, and KobeAd NXT FF\’s upper uses a Quadfit upper, which guarantees a strong parcel.It is also very comfortable.The upper is at first glance with the taste of Nike Adapt BB.The masquerade of the outer side of the ball is extended to the heel, which has a sense of visual impact.The magic stickers at the shoes are also carried out 2k4 and 2k5.

Capitality: In the middle of the sole, the embedded REACT insole design, the blue crystal is seen in the bottom of the shoe to heel the gradient effect.In addition to the value of the value, the Trinity of the whole palm guarantees fast start and cushioning.The middle bottom part uses the React dual-density cushioning, plus the more stable Fastfit and ankle strap design after the improvement, I can\’t wait to wear it!I believe you will not let me down.

Last Xiaobian suggested fans in these two shoes that are not suitable for playing the road in the outdoor basketball court or is still very suitable