Kobe on the football shoes all included Kobe generation boots

Kobe is a dream of each basketball teenager! With the retirement of the jersey on December 18, 2017, how many people\’s youth ended this. Xiaobian for every Kobe\’s fan inventory all the shoes in Kobe basketball career. If you are a Komi, let\’s take a look, I believe you have a pair of shoes belong to your memories!

Kobe jersey retired

On December 18, 2017, Kobe\’s two jerseys were officially retired. The number is No. 8 and 24, respectively.

This decommissioning ceremony, for every fans who like Kobe, more than just a simple decommissioning ceremony, is probably a tribute to your youth and countless exciting memories.

\\\”Black Manba\\\” spirit is forever!

I believe that everyone has infinite memories on Kobe. Xiaobian also hopes that you can use your own way to present Kobe\’s story – through the ball shoes advertisements that Kobe have ever launched, all Kobe shoes launched so far. All the color of the show, I also specifically indicate the item number, I hope to help you collect and record Kobe\’s shoes in this way.

1996 ~ 1997 Kobe is adidas shooting

1998 ~ 1999 Kobe AdIDAS (123]

are all viewed above.

This stage, Xiaobian has just been born, there is no way to see Kobe\’s light.

The information of the old shoes is always precious. For example, this pair of concord superme\’s retro shoes are now difficult to seek truth.

This is a relatively important year, in the summer of 2001, Summer first time Come to China.

At the same time, at 1996 ~ 2002, Kobe entered the alliance for 6 years, and the Lake people found the dynasty three consecutive championships.

The fate of Kobe and Adidas also disconnected.

Adidas The Kobe 3 Sample

This pair of shoes can be said to be a pair of shoes that have exploded at the time at the time.

Top scientific and technological gathers, unfortunately the appearance is a bit awkward.

This double slipper is quite amazing. Only because of the summary of the Kobe contractThe sale of these shoes will come to an abrupt.

Kobe is favored by many shoe brands

These shoes are mostly very classic today. Style

AJ11 Concord

Air Max Elite

Air Zoon Turbine

Each pair of shoes Can be blooming in Kobe

Converse Weapon

AJ17 +


Converse Queston 1 MID

Kobe has also said that it is very good for sharp step

Reebok Answer 4 pe

and 1 gametime

and 1 desire

[123 ]

2003 All-star Kobe makes many people 耿 耿 怀 怀

, still difficult to cover the shoe light color

AJ7 PE Home

AJ6 Retro Low Chrome

O\’Neill, Stojkovic, Christie , Prince, Ray Allen

These stars one by one away

Xiaobian also never thought of Kobe will also retire


[123 ]

AJ8 RETRO Chrome

Zoom Flight 2K3

Time to 2004, Kobe\’s first Double signature shoes

Air Zoom Huarache, which is built into Kobe

Nike Airmax

2K4 Kobe Sample is quite classic

Kobe officially added NIKE, launched its own first double signing shoes ZOOM Kobe 1

On January 22, 2006

At the same time, Kobe bid farewell to the No. 8 jersey.

The story of the lakes 24 jersey officially began

NIKE advertising in 2006-2008


I believe this sentence \\\”Los Angeles\\\” in the morning, everyone can recite.

2008 Beijing Olympics, the home

also makes people don\’t forget

At this time, Kobe\’s ball shoes are also endless

ZOOM Kobe 3

HyperDunk 08

ZOOM Kobe 4

Starting in 2009, Manma mentally In the heart of everyone

I believe this golden age, everyone will not forget

ZOOM Kobe 5

ZOOM Kobe 6

13-6 years, Flyknit is born in the air

[123 ] More excellent shoe is sprayed out

Kobe 8

Kobe 9

Various new versions are also added to the series of shoes

[123 】

Kobe 11

Kobe\’s pair of shoes in the last feet on April 13, 2016

After retired, Kobe is still based on their own Mamba spirit

iPhone 13 Pro Max Case Nike

Head with Kobe AD, Kobi Bin Shoes in the future technology series is started.

Kobe\’s shoes are similar to this. In fact, in the process of joining NIKE in Kobe, Nike also launched many series of shoes for Kobe.

Kobe live shoes

Poison, Mamba spirit is the representative


Apple Watch Nike

ITE Kobe PE Sample 1999

Poison 1 generation




Dream Season 2

Venonon 1

Venomenon 2

Dream Season 4

Black MAMBA 24

Zoom Kobe Gametime

[123 ]

Venomen 4

Venomenon 4

Zoom Flight 96 \\u0026 quot; Kobe \\u0026 quot;


[123 ]

Mentality 2

Mentality 3

Venomenon 6

KYRIE 3 \\u0026 Quot; Mamba Mentality \\u0026 quot;

[123 ]

Very memorable Rycombi Question 1 MID \\u0026 quot; kobe \\u0026 quot;

There is also an ultimate set of $ 240,000 US dollars

[123 ]

AJ3 and AJ8 combination package

Of course, Kobe\’s living toll shoes are also a lot.

Most of the LiFestyle style

Know the last, Beijing time 2017 On December 18th, the No. 8 and 24 of Kobe were retired

Nike launched classic commemorative AF1 \\u0026 quot; BlackCK Mamba \\u0026 quot;

Kobe all series of shoes are accumulated!

Everyone can talk about these shoes in the comments. Which memories are brought!

Don\’t forget the Kobe!