Logo SHOT What is the meaning of Syenae Logo Shot Highlights

In today\’s pioneer VS Lakers, 100-93 defeated the Lakers, the total score is 1-0 lead, Lillad gets 34 points, of course, the most classic or the super 3 point logo shot , Rescue the pioneer again. Lillad is still very high in this area, let\’s take a look.

LOGO SHOT What is the meaning of the knee

logo shot refers to the way in the middle of the basketball game, I don\’t know everyone. When you look at the game, there is no big logo in the center. If you have the appearance of the word logo shot, the probability of visiting the basket is very low, many NB

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A leader It is impossible to do, but the hit rate in the NBA logo shot is still very high in NBA logo Shot.

Lilad logo shot highlights

In today\’s Los Angeles Lakers and Portland Trail, the Trailers 100-93 beat Lakers, total 1 -0 leads. The whole audience got 43 points, and when the fourth quarter was score, it was Lirad! Super farback logo three points, playing moments! I still remember that the same series of series is also the same ultra far three points to send the Thunder! Let us review Lillad\’s watch moments!

How is Lillad\’s super three points

Lillad\’s super three-year-old has been famous, now This technology is even more fire, and there is no big heart, it is impossible to make such a ball. Nike Shoes Women Jordan

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The use of Celtic 50 shot training, 5 shooting points outside the three-point line into 10 goals, record The number of outlets needed under each shooting point. In general, a top-rayer can complete 50 three-pointers in 60 times.