Luxury Platinum Color, Apollo Moon Theme!New PG3 NASA for sale this month

At the beginning of this year, Paul \\u0026 Middot; George\’s boots Nike PG3 issued a special NASA theme color. The signboard NASA logo, with a wake-up color scheme, so that many shoes are fascinated. Recently, another new color Nike PG 3 Nasa \\u0026 ldquo; Apollo Missions \\u0026 Rdquo; Theme color matching is again. This color is the subject of the legendary Apollo moon, which is presented with very classic platinum color. The whole shoe body is identical in a pure white color scheme, and the material matching is the same. The middle of the laminated laminated is \\u0026 ldquo; 93552 \\u0026 rdquo;, is the area code of the pickled home In the middle, the middle of the middle, the middle of the middle is shown in the middle of the gold, and then with the classic line. Don \\u0026 # 39; T Tell Me The Sky \\u0026 # 39; s The Limi

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t by the moon. (If there is a human footprint on the moon, what is the sky? The limit) Many details are collected on this double color matching, and the temperament is unique under the outline of transparent outsole. I don\’t know if the special version will not be like the previous pair, with a special shoe box, and the same series of clothing suites. According to


This pair of shoes will be available in April this year, priced at $ 120. Interested friends can continue to pay attention to our information, we will bring follow-up to follow-up reports in the first time. NIKE PG 3 NASA \\u0026 LDQUO; Apollo Missions \\u0026 Rdquo; Item No .: CI2666-100 Offering Date: April 2019 Offer price: $ 120