Mono Mitchell generation Zhao Yun theme spy photos to appreciate how to sell Zhao Yun theme on the five tigers

Adidas recently creating a lot of famous actual basketball shoes on the top theme, including Rose 10 generations, Today is the new Zhao Yun theme of Tomo Mito generation! This shoe value is very high! Let\’s take a look at it together!

多 万 米切尔 Generation Zhao Yun Theme Spy photos Appreciation

Sole Color Take Classic White, Blue Two-color Dragonfly, Side Line The golden \\\”cloud\\\” word logo echo the tongue is embellished, full of Zhao Yunbai horse silver guns pass the sense!

However, the most eye-catching shape is a silver shoe with a pleated effect, and the science fiction is full.

The mid-bottom is equipped with Bounce to slowing down, taking into account excellent comfort and adequate cushioning feedback, not only suitable for actual combat.

Tano Michel will sell Zhao Yun theme on the five tigers

At present, this new color match has not released specific release information, interested friends can search the item number FW3657 to start! Interested friends can pay attention to the fun stream to learn the latest information!

Lu Bu and Zhao Yun who are in history

Three countries period is a talent such as cloud. The Wenxi is headed by Zhuge Liang, Sima Yi, Fa Zheng, Pang Tong. There is also a statement on the military commander. Today? Don\’t talk about other martial arts, just talk about Lu Bu and Zhao Yun, who is it qualified to become the first fierce in the world?

For Lu Bu, a sentence is circulated throughout the Three Kingdoms, \\\”people in Lu Bu, Ma Zhongzhong Red Rabbit\\\”, and there is still little records for Lu Bu\’s martial arts. At the 18th Road Princes League, Lu Bu was a military commander in Dong Zhuo. In the Tiger, the Tiger and the Alliance Army, they were directly smashed, Fang Yue, Mushun, Pan Feng, Wang Wei and others. After defeating, Wu\’an, Gongshun, etc., after the gongsun is defeated, it is going to be 斩 布 所, fortunately, Zhang Fei, saved!

Zhang Fei hand holding a bastard spear, and he and Lu Bu fell, but at this time, the middle-aged, and the gas martial arts reached the precision level! After the battle to 50 rounds, Zhang Fei was slightly lost. At this time, Guan Yu killed it, and then joined his three brothers and 30 rounds with Lu Bu,

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At this time, Lu Bu still has not been defeated, At this time, Liu Bei holds the sword, Liu, Guan, Zhang, and the three people have never been around 10 rounds with Lu Bu, Lu Bu is still not defeated, but it must be enemies, but later Lu Bu full! At the relationship, Zhang Second will retreat in front of him, I am afraid that in the Three Kingdoms, no more than three people.Riboud is one of them. (Allusions: 三英战吕布)

Lu Bu Kang Zhu shut down two together, but also continued to play more than 30 rounds level, this record is indeed falling one shy! However, in three countries, estimated that there is one person can do, this person is Zhao blow. Speaking Zhao, then at Zan, the generals and Wen Chou Yuan Shao war, two wars and 40 rounds, but not the outcome! Later, Wen Chou receded.

After Zhao defected to Liu Bei, Cao Cao counterattack in the war, Zhao in ChangBanPo, save emperor Liu Shan. Cao Cao in the barracks, rush. At that time, when Zhao

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field will be cut about 50 Cao Cao war. This is Zhao seven seven into myth, then general Cao Cao, Zhang Liao, Xiahou Yuan, Yue Jin, Cho these famous, Zhao came up with the enemy did not dare, because they are very aware of their own martial arts from Zhao is still a long distance.

for Zhao\’s record, there is one, he beheaded a super-class generals, who par with the Yanliang Wen ugly, he is the high table. Through the analysis can be found, Zhao Yun and Lu Bu martial arts is very rare, it is rarely found Reggie. Two of them, in the end who is the first do? For that matter, it is actually very simple! If the war immediately, Riboud has red rabbit, of course, slightly better than Zhao, if the next war horse, Riboud lost to Zhao! Why is it? Zhao Yun\’s life was never wounded, who also was not too Qin Zhu, and even in their own sites Riboud was captured alive, and this is how less points! That year, the war in Puyang, Riboud also in the red rabbit immediately before Deus Ex, we can see Riboud from the Red Horse, military value will be greatly reduced. And Zhao, is not the same, he belongs to Yuezhanyueyong type of war, with or without horses he could Deus Ex! The name of the first blow, it is also arises!

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Zhao (-? 229 years), the word sub dragon, really set Changshan County County (now Zhengding) people. Eight feet in length, posture Yanxiong Wei, Shu famous Three Kingdoms period.

Late Han warlord, the county elected by Zhao, Yi led from the White Horse General Zan added. He became acquainted with Liu Bei during the Han Dynasty royalty, but soon after, Zhao since his brother died and left. Zhao Zan left after about seven years, and Ye Liu Bei meet in the city, from follow Liu Bei.

Liu Bei, Zhao Yun followed for nearly three decades, has participated in the battle of bowang, battle of changban, SOUTHERN constant war, command over Sichuan alone battle, Battle of Han River, Kei valley of the war, both We achieved very good success. In addition to four expeditions, Zhao also has to Pianjiang Jun Ren Guiyang Prefecture, to leave the camp Sima left behind police to Yi Jun Jiangjun Governor Jiangzhou. In addition, Zhao lead to put down Yizhou Liu Bei when Huo story remonstrate fields and houses will return the people, and to Guan Yu, Zhang Fei and Liu Bei do not remonstrate cutting Wu after the murder, was later praised as a large

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Office minister volume lu, or even be consideredIt is the perfect character in the Three Kingdoms.

After Zhao Yun died, Yu Han Jingyao four years (261) was chased as \\\”Shun Pinghou\\\”, and his image of \\\”Changsheng General\\\” was widely circulated in later generations.