NBA grabs seven meaning basketball to grab seven rules


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How many days jazz Nuggets grab the seven wars? The small card 33 passers-up eliminates the unique man, the game is still very exciting, then everyone knows what NBA grabs the seven war? Is this rule? How does the NBA grab the seven war? Let\’s take a look.

NBA grab seven meaning

In the NBA monogram, grab 7 means that the top 6 games are 3: 3 flat, to carry out the 7th game Life and death will be promoted, and this game is called grab 7. Who will win the game, who can enter the next round of competition. Grab the seven for each team is very cruel, will test the psychological quality of the players. All the teams are on the war, facing the test of the series and death. Such a focus war is also particularly attractive.

Basketball seven rules

Grab the seven battles, as the name

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Siyi, the last four wins series field. The legendary \\\”Jordan does not play the seventh game\\\”: Jordan\’s career finals is: 4 to 1, 4 to 2, 4 to 2, 4 to 2, 4 to 2,

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4 to 2.

Why NBA grabs seven so many

two rounds, three grab seven, should be normal. The second and third, second and third rounds of the first round are all comparative comparison, so there are four grab seven grabbing seven in the front two wheels.

The summary of Xiaobian is two points:

1, NBA is a commercial alliance, ratings and a game of competitions, which we can\’t imagine.

2, the strength balance between the two parties, who focuses, is determined, crazy investment can harvest the game.