NBA presenter race star on the football shoes What NBA presence race debut on the football shoes

NBA preseason game, such as

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Hui in full swing, small friends are also very energetic, then what are the Bags on the NBA presence? Xiaobian is now making a big inventory for everyone, let\’s go together.


This pair of shoes should be a star signing shoes that earliest this year. When this year\’s final finals, KD11 has been officially unveiled, but Durant did not Foot. The signature of the Durant series does not have a very obvious change in recent generations in recent generations, but to choose comfort to make comfort.

The combination of ZOOM air cushion and React and Lunarlon foam is used as a mid-bottom cushioning configuration, and the comfortable soft shock of KD11 is absolutely an ultimate. With Flyknit knitted upper and integrated shoe body, socks design, this will design two years of popular explosion models, which will be a pair of comfortable scales.

Nike Lebron 16

With James to fight Los Angeles in this summer, join the Lakers, his signature shoes come to the 16th year, we have in the past The little emperor \\\”now has become a three-year old man. So after Lebron 15 is popular, people are also very expected for Lebron 16, and this pair of shoes have finally been officially released in the past September.

The cushioning continues 15 generations of ZOOM and Max combinations, emphasizing the startup feedback of the burst of the cockstaked soft boiling foot and breakthrough. In addition, special Battleknit 2.0 knitted upper has strengthened in support protection, combined with the inside of the whole upper, and the knitted upper of this double Zhan 16 exhibits support protection in the past weaving upper. You can taste fresh, try it.

Nikekyire 5

Owen\’s series of signature shoes now is now one of the best middle-ended shoes in the market, combined with his dazzling wind, he The signature shoes is almost the hottest signature shoes in China. We usually have the most visited on the wild balls is Ou Wen 4. Nike also launched another color match for his signature shoe. From the last season, I will not be less than 50 in European 4 in the singularity of the singles.

Every year, Owen\’s signature shoes will be officially released before and after the end of the year, so we can\’t buy Owen 5 or get a certain amount of information. But recently we received a news of a Boston \\\”enthusiastic citizen\\\”. Owen\’s foot-on-footed a shoe shore with his LOGO and the signature of the shoes. The big probability of this ball shoes is his Owen 5, but this news is still Not officially confirmed, let us wait for good luck.

AIR Jordan33

AIR Jordan series of JOR JORDAN series of Jord shoes come to 33th generation and is officially released in this National Day holiday, to say that the most eye-catching is brand new Fastfit Lace system, by adding a bearing at the foot to complete a thin line traction, is said to use a special material used on the skydiving rope, so there is no need to worry about the disconnection.

Aspect is quite luxurious, using front and rear partial air cushions (although slightly small), with the FLightSpeed \\u200b\\u200btrays and carbon panels, anti-twists and turning protection are quite excellent. Plus this kind of high-top design, perhaps this pair of shoes is the next season players who are not hosted by the feet.

Adidasharden 3

In the US training camp at the end of July, Harden was on his new signature shoes. This is the first time Haden 3. The public is unveiled in the field of view. In the cushioning configuration, the BOOST is still bursting, and the transparent crystal base after which the exposed transparent crystal can be observed directly, and sufficient anti-twist protection is provided. Such a cushioning configuration has almost no change from the first generation, but it is one of the best practical shoe cushioning configurations.

In fact, most fans have some do not buy for such a pair of shoes, think that too simple design is not new, and there is some cheap, it can be It is a pair of shoes that are mixed. What is the performance of this pair of shoes in the future, is it necessary to save it, let\’s take a look.

Adidas Dame 5

There is a message that is very fierce during the break, that is, Adidas will end the signature of Liladleyrad. The series will not have Dame 5. But as the new season is approaching, we have got a new Dame 5 product map through a self-hearted netizen, breaking this rumor, and we can still see Lillad\’s new shoes.

The listing plan of Dame 5 will also be corresponding to Owen 5 before and after the end of the year. In fact, Lillad signed shoes is a relative shoe with an Owen\’s signature shoes in nearly two years, which is well received in the mid-range basketball shoes market. From Lilad 3, it is also the most cost-effective signature shoe on the top of the crown, and it is sufficient to see its quality. So, like Owen 5, for its brothers Dame 5, we only need to wait for a wait for waiting.

Adidas Pro / Mad Bounce

In mid-August, Adidas suddenly released two newly equipped BOUNCE\’s universal shoes, Pro BoUNCE and MAD BOUNCE. Both use the full bounce of Bounce, and equipped with a large area TPU at the foot of the foot, it can be very powerful. Both are only available on the upper, and the PRO BOUNCE uses the latest ForgeFiber forging fiber technology to connect to the weaving upper, and the MAD BOUNCE uses ordinary mesh fabrics.

Although the bitch of BOUNCE cushioning although there is no Boost\’s ultimate softball foot, but there is a very good response feedback, it is a very suitable practical tool configuration. Such a configuration is obviously more popular relative to the high price of Boost shoes.

Adidasrose 9

Ross\’s signature shoes came to the 9th generation, the first time I canceled the BOOST configuration and transferred to Bounce, but the evaluation was more than Rose 8 has just been much better. More and heartless look, let the fans have seen more sincerity, combined with relatively low prices and Ross\’s super popularity in China, this pair of shoes believe will be one of the most popular basketball shoes this year.

Ross 9 continued the super high-top footwear design, through the mesh fabric, this pair of shoes for the protection and parcels of the ankle, which is also against Ross injuries. The disease specially made is not much seen in the defender signature. The new season is about to begin, I wish Rose everything.


The new season started, but today\’s representative character of NBA\’s representative character Stephen Curi is still a message. nothing. However, we have recently gained a message about the library 6 through the enthusiastic citizens of Jinzhou. Curry is in the training, a pair of mysterious shoes, basically determined is the new Curry 6.

Based on the \\\”HD degree\\\” of the exposure picture, we observed that Kuri 6 seems to return to the super high-top footwear version. The nest of the two generations of Kuri series has not given us too much surprise, and even a little disappointing. What kind of performance will be made this year, will it use a new slow-life technology HOVR? This is also a point we are worth looking forward to, we will wait and see.


HoVR is a new cushioning technology launched in the beginning of this year. It was the earliest application in running shoes as a cushioning material, perhaps a timing It has matured, UA has recently applied this technology to the new HOVR HAVOC basketball of

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, and the painstance is better than ever.The feeling of the shock, I hope to change the UA basketball shoes has been being evaluated by the disease.

The recent UA has also successfully signed Enshid, hoping that he can become the same banner in the library. We all know that the big sons in the shoes are often do not sell shoes, and Eden also said that it hopes to change this through his own performance, soon the HoVr HAVOC. I am interested in trying this kind of students who have brought this new cushioning technology to try it.

This summer PUMA is 17 years, announced that it returns to basketball shoes, bringing new shoes Puma Clyde Court Disrupt, and quickly Signing a number of players such as Rudi Gay and Cuckus, we see its slowing technology presents granules in the appearance, non

Nike Shoes XXL

often like Boost, is a new development of PUMA Substant, how is its foot feelings, we are still unknown. Wait until the country began to sell, we can evaluate some.

However, we see this pair of shoe-style refer to Puma\’s classic Clyde board shoes design, through the knitted upper to show this year\’s popular one-piece shoe body and socks, it looks Very very fragile upper. Compared to the actual basketball shoes, its nice appearance and color match make people more want to buy as a pair of casual shoes as a shoe.

Wade\’s Road 7

Have to say, Wade\’s series of signature shoes from 1 to 7, better, in the sixth generation It has brought too many surprises to our domestic fans and upper, and changed to the characteristics of Wade to Wade. So Wade\’s Road 7 believes that the fans are looking forward to for a long time.

In the previous China line, Wade\’s Road 7 officially unveiled, and in the recent episode, it is also exposed more color. The skate-shoe is combined with a fine leather material and a knitted upper, and claims to use a new cushioning technology. It has not been exposed to the temporary, I believe it will bring a new improvement in the feeling of the burst. Now we have to wait patiently.