New Bailun 998 purple suede looks good, new balance 998 purple beauty sale this month

The world\’s old running shoes brand new balance, recently made a new color design of the famous shoes New Balance 998, the new New Balance 998 full body purple, and use suede to create, all the suede control is also blessed, it is said to this purple suede The leather will be released in mid this month, and the little friends who are interested in and Q6u will look at the special time for sale.

New Balance 998 purple suede is good, do you look very good? In fact, purple has always been the color of Xiaobian feels the best, this new Bailun 998 purple suede is even more so, after all, after all, It is one of the new Bailun\’s shoes, it doesn\’t look good.

The shoe body is created by high-grade suede, with the \\\”n\\\” logo of the same hue, and adds black detail of pockets and shoes with color matching, finally White Abzorb cockpit in the middle of the bottom.

New Balance 998 Purple Wave Offers

This double-new color new balance988 will land on the brand online store and designated retailer on January 15th, interested The small partner can continue to pay attention to our Q6U\’s latest news.

What is the new Bailun 998 and 996

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998 series of shoes will be higher. Although there are more than 700 pieces of shoes in the 998 series shoes, more than 1,000 yuan shoes will be more. There is no such problem in New Balance 996 shoes. This series of shoes prices are basically the price between six hundred to eight hundred. This is the most obvious difference between New Balance 996 998, but also one of the key differences affecting consumer consumption.

From the style, the style difference between the two shoes is not large. However, 998 shoes will be thicker. This shoe is a professional running shoe. 996 is also a running shoe, but the heel portion will be relatively thin. New Bailun 996 998 is all the shoes produced using non-slip rubber, so that the design style will not worry about falling when wearing. This shoe is also the first choice for selecting a sports system when walking on the road

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New Balance 996 998 is a running shoe that can be selected. If it is usually strolling, 998 is a good choice. This shoe has a very high package performance. However, some people think that wearing 998 go shopping but there are some small uses. New Balance 996 998

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can meet the requirements of shopping. In fact, buy some three or four hundred dollars of New Balance shoes can also go shopping.Wear when the street.