NIKE HYPERADAPT 1.0 automatic lace shoes new color matching how 7 new color hyperadapt 1.0 this month is released

Nike HypeRadapt 1.0 series, it can be said that Nike first pushed the heavy series. This shoe really realizes the lace automation of Nike shoes. It can be said to be a crystallization of Nike\’s heart blood. At the beginning of this year, NIKE brings us a surprise, 7 different colorful Nike HypeRadaptapt 1.0 will be released in a few days, and the friends will take a look.


First look at the black Nike HypeRadaptapt 1.0 sold, is there a sense of technology.

Nike HypeRadapt 1.0 is a research and development result in Nike\’s launched in combination with digital, power engineering and mechanical engineering for more than ten years.

When wearing HypeRadapt 1.0, the inherent sensor will automatically tighten laces, while the soles will exude blue light, and create high-tech science fiction. There are \\\”+\\\” and \\\”-\\\” buttons on both sides of the shoes, allowing the wearer to adjust loose comfortable!

Nike HypeRadaptapt 1.0 foot feeling

The shape of low-key visual is very comfortable, two LOGO


of the upper, The landlord feels quite special, the sole is relatively thick, after all, the footer is automatically sensor, the two-footed heat sensor, the sensor at the foot, will automatically induce the weight to adjust the tightness of the lace, the lamp will be bright after starting, It will go out for a few seconds, the blue indicates that the electricity is sufficient, and the yellow indicates that the electric air

Nike Spandex

shows that red is to charge.

The shoes are very heavy, the bottom is very thick because of the need to load electronic version, the soles will be very thick, and the shoes will be seen. When the electricity is insufficient, pay more attention, there is no electric walking lace, which will be loose.

The highlight of this pair of shoes seems to be more mature, can adapt to your exercise, walking needs, the automatic lace module of the sole is tested by inductive stress, in fact, is still quite strong, liberating hands And the comfort is good, I really have a kind of appearance to the future.

7 new HypeRadapt 1.0 release information

New colorful HypeRadapt 1

Nike womens

.0 will be officially placed in mid-this month, The pricing is still $ 720, and below is detailed in detail.

NIKE HYperaDapt 1.0 color: olive green / black / orange item number: AH9389-300 Off date: January 15/02/201: $ 720 Nike Hyperadapt 1.0 color: black / gray / white goods: AH9389-003 Off date: January 18: $ 720 Nike HypeRadapt 1.0 color: black / orange goods: AH9389-005 release date: January 18/2: $ 720 Nike HypeRadapt 1.0 color: black / red goods number: AH9389-006 Off date: January 18 release price$ 720 Nike HypeRadapt 1.0 color: AH9389-600 Off date: February 1 Feeds Price: $ 720 Nike Hyperadapt 1.0 color: gray / white cargo number: AH9389-102 Off date: February 1 Release Price: $ 720US dollar