NIKE Joint SUPREME Offering the latest color matching physical appreciation Supreme X Nike Air Max 95 LUX Offers

Nike this year\’s joint shoes, this time with Nike is Italy very hot Su

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Preme, I believe that many small partners have heard of this tide card, this joint name A nike\’s Air Max95 as a blueprint, and the joint launched shoes that are very suitable for autumn and winter season, interested partners come with Xiaobian to see it!

SUPREME X Nike Air Max 95 lux physical appreciation

with classic shoes Air Max 95 as prototype, brilliant, red, blue color selection, specification For the LUX level, it means luxury luxury version.

The whole double shoe is Italian production, upper, lining and insole are all use of a very good Italian leather that can be created, and the upper can be invisible.

The golden print on the insole is more luxurious, and even the included metal tag is Italy

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map, but the overall looks like a pair Simple leather shoes.

The whole shoes are very rich, the Italian breath is very strong, the shoes seem to be in a quicker, carefully observe a lot of details.

SUPREME X Nike Air Max 95 LUX Offers

According to the latest news, these shoes have been released on November 7, while the place for sale is only in New York, Brooke SUPREME

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, November 9, can be bought in Japan\’s SuPreme shop, and I can start with other ways ~ this pair of shoes The price is $ 500, conversion into RMB is 3,500 yuan, interested small partners quickly organize a small wallet, ready to enter!

The item number of the three colors is: Item No .: CI0999-001 (black), Item No .: Ci0999-600 (red), Item No .: Ci0999-400 (blue)

Superme and Supreme Difference

No Superme This store, Supreme usually refers to the famous fashion card in the United States, SuperME is a wrong called.

Supreme US and Italy are actually two different brands. Italy SuPreme uses no US SuPremeIn Italy\’s vulnerabilities, snapped up the brand, using SuPreme brand effect misleading consumers, let everyone mistakenly think is the US Supreme.However, in last year, SuPreme finally took the Supreme Italia\’s Italian cottage, and received a winning order, but SuPreme Italia lost in the court, but Harvested the honor of the street.In the local black trading market Supreme Italia out of print T, the price is 5 times, think about it is still very horrible.