NIKE SB X NBA COLLECTION Time to sell Nike SB X NBA Collection physical appreciation

Nike SB once also a red pole shoe, recently Nike SB and NBA, together with a Nike SB X NBA Collection. So when did Nike SB X NBA Collect is on sale? Let\’s go to understand.

Nike SB X NBA Collection When is it for sale

It is reported that Nike SB X NBA Collection is three pairs of shoes. These three pairs of shoes will be released on October 13th. I believe that in China should Synchronous listing, let\’s go, please look forward to

Nike SB x NBA Collection physical appreciation

NIKE SB DUNK Low uses satin material, Ni

Nike Shoes Vapormax Mens

Ke SB Bruin Low uses suede, Nike SB Blazer Low uses pure

Nike Basketball

white leather material.

Different color, different materials, each has a thousand autumn

NIKE SB Introduction

[ 123] Nike SB is a professional skateboarder series of Nike, and the full name of SB is skate boarding, which is a skateboard.

Nike SB has recently impressed the most impressive \\\”ShoeBox\\\” series, with Nike SB different period shoe boxes as inspiration DUNK shoes design. And this Nike SB Dunk Low Pro \\\”Camo Green\\\” returns to a common camouflage element, but it is

Nike Spike Shoes

with green jungle camouflage and white shoe body, and the camouflage pattern also highlights the pressure The texture of the pattern, the insole is printed with a vivid leopard pattern, which is expected to be listed on January 5.