NMD hu brand new pure black color spy photos exposure, \\\”human\\\” design personality!

The new joint shoes NMD HU, which Adidas joined hands, was launched, and there were many welcomed and lovedings of many shoe fans. Some

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immediately closed down. Recently, I have exposed a new pure black color, then this brand new color is flying or closed? Everyone can predict together, let Xiaobian lead everyone together!

NMD hu brand new pure black color spy photos exposure

This new color shoe body is dominated by black, using knitted shoes

Nike Keychain lanyard [123 ] Face is created, and the upper \\\”human\\\” is embellished with traditional \\\”human\\\”. The lace part is dressed in white, and the contrast of the black shoe body has a strong visual impact. At present, this new color color has not yet

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release specific offer information, like small friends may wish to pay attention!

NMD hu brand new pure black color color how to clean

This color is washed, but it is best to hand wash, use a soft brush when cleaning. It is ok to brush the cleaning agent. After completing, wipe the upper with a towel and clean it, and finally the shoes are clean. I remember to put on the paper towel to dry it in the shackles.

NMD hu is the shoes

As early as Adidas joined Fili Deco to launch a new HU NMD series sports, this series of shoes are very novel, smartly combined with embroidery elements design, Published \\\”China\’s exclusive\\\” \\\”statement hiking\\\” and other series.