OW joint AIR MAX 90 black spy photos OW X Air Max 90 black delivery information

Recently, the news about OW\’s NIKE is constantly moving, and there is a new spy photos that explode, then this pair of OW is connected to the AIR MAX 90 full black real map is good? OW joint Air MAX 90 black for sale? Let\’s take a look at the information about OW.

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OW, AIR MAX 90 black spy photos

OW Cool black shrouded, the materials in the body are still rich, black and white contrast makes it more recognized

Sole Swoosh, lace, and shoes tongue Nike tags

womens Nikes

With white embellishment, there is a few gods with the initial OFF-WHITE X Air Vapormax.

OW X Air Max 90 black delivery information

Rumored this double black OFF-WHITE X Nike Air Max 90 will be on the fall, the current specific information has not been announced, we Will continue attention and report it in the first time.

OFF-White X Nike Air Max 90 V2

Item No. AA7293-001

Offering Date: 2018 Autumn

Offers: $ 160 [ 123]

Air MAX 90 is suitable for running?

Max Air is too hard for most people, and it will not feel obvious buffering. Moreover, the middle of the Air Max 90 is too high, and the running is best to choose a low-top shoe. Too high to easily.

As an ancient morning shoe, Air Max 90 is far greater than functionality, after all, is a shoe in 20 years ago.

But though said, I also saw there many girls wearing Air Max 90 running, wearing anything can run, just saying that it is best to choose a better running shoe.