Puma Suede 50 Street Dance City How to Shuede 50 \\\”Breakdance Cities Pack\\\” next month

This year, the 50th anniversary of Hummer Suede, after recently launched this series, PUMA

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then launched a series of \\\”BreakDance Cities Pack\\\” street dance city series, this has four color colors, I believe that knowing this series of friends know this, let\’s take a look at how these two new color matching, when will I start.

PUMA SUEDE 50 Street Dance City Series

Puma Releases the new \\\”BreakDance Cities Pack\\\” to pay tribute to this pair of 80s classic BB

Nike Shoes Men Air Max 2021 270 [123 ] Oy shoes style. This series surrounds the four main street dance cities, with blue Paris, White Seoul, Red Berlin and Orange New York version, each with a special version of T-Shirt. Four pairs of shoes are made of high-grade suede. There are embossed words in the upper, and with \\\”50\\\” words, gold lace nameplate and bronzing logo embellishment.

Orange New York

Breakdance Cities Pack \\\”Offers

This series is expected to be on January 4 next year, and friends who like to continue their attention.

PUMA SUEDE 50 B-BOY series

Suede as a warm-up sneakers

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into people\’s vision, but with hip-hop The birth of the Bronx District, SuEDE began to be popular in the world outside the court. Smooth suede, fashionable color plus anti-slip rubber sole, SuEDE has become a must-have shoe in B-BOY. Whether it is the street or a stage, SuEDE and B-BOY are shadowed, and the new trend is new and more popular.

The new series launched 3 color matching men, ladies and children. The young man can choose black, flame scarlet and forest green. The street dance girls have dahlia dark red, sexy peaches and indigo three bright color choices. The kids\’ exclusive items have launched black, flame scarlets and forest green three colors.

All B-BOY SUEDE shoes are used with iconic thick rubber sole, and it is a dancer BA.The great standard of TTLE.The hot gold nameplate lock fixed wide lace belongs this SuEDE to become the exclusive B-Boy.The shoe is more assigned with a special shoe box with the 50th anniversary of the 50th anniversary of the brand.