Reclaimed Mars Nike Overbreak Offers Nike Overbreak How much increase

This year, Nike ISPA series has brought us a variety of classic shoes. The overall design is also very avant-garde. Recently, the new Nike Overbreak shoes, appearance, and Mars Tom Sachs this again. X Nike Mars Yard OVERSHOE is still very similar, Xiaobian predicts after the sale, let\’s take a look at it.

Cool Mars Nike Overbreak Offering Information


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Let\’s take a look at the design of the shoes, Nike Daybreak style shoe body, Rich and retro temperament, brown, beige constitutive shoe body

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, red swoosh logo embellishment in the side, the lace is echoed with the shoe body, showing color. The shoes of this cool star shoes are Nike Overbreak, which will be released in autumn in 2020. Not willing to buy Mars shoes, buy a pair is also very fragrant ~ Interested friends pay attention to

Nike Overbreak, how much

Nike Overbreak increased 5cm. The upper is used as a blueprint with a large-increasing retro shoe model, and the medium is presented using OverReact exaggerated thick react, and retro beauty is interspersed with modern technology. ISPA OVERREACT\’s new shoe is still worth looking forward to, and the increased effect is still very recommended for the short child. I like to pay attention.

Nike Overbre

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AK how to clean

Xiaoquan recommended a special eraser, the effect of pollution is still good Mainly targets the canvas shoes, ordinary leather, and the rubber part around the shoes. If such a material is used to make up, it is not so easy. Whether it is a balloon, casual shoes, especially the bottom of the shoes, especially the white side, really, it is true Good friends in white cloth shoes! As long as you go with this, you can rub it, you can wipe it, remove it! It is still very convenient to carry around, and you can pay more attention to it.