Vans SK8-Hi new dazzling radiographic printing color sale Vans SK8-Hi new color matching real appreciation

VANS panel shoes have always been very popular with tidal shoes, and with the first joining the Olympics for the first time, Vans serve as a skateboard brand, and recently released two Vans SK8-Hi new dazzling radiation. Print color. The specific situation will let Xiaobian lead everyone together to see it!

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SK8-Hi new dazzling radiation printing colors realistic appreciation

With the first joining the Olympics, the major skateboarders will be ushered in next year. Fight. As a skateboarding shoes, Vans also recently released two sincere new color matching, let\’s take a look!

The classic shape of Vans Sk8-Hi is continued, along the VANS shoe body LOGO, with gravity radiation pattern, and the eye-catching index is called the explosion.

VANS SK8-Hi new color sale

It is reported that these two Vans Sk8-Hi have been launched, priced at $ 65

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, like The little friends can pay more attention, Xiaobian will also

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continues to pay attention!

VANS SK8-Hi how to match

Hi shoes currently presented two types of winds: wide mouth, narrow, thin ankle (sock set design) .

Wide mouth thick. Represents the product is Converse Weapon; Af1 High; AJ\’s many retro basketball shoes, etc. Vans\’s SK8 Hi is medium level. Have a certain thickness. So how do this high shoes match? Let\’s take a look at everyone!

First thin people generally legs are relatively thin, and the color pants selection is wider than the jeans roll up, khaki, or the green pants are no problem. . Here is a color color, if it is a black shoe (Vans\’s signature) with card, fresh water washing cowboy is a good choice, and the trousers of the camouflage is also possible. Don\’t be unified, even if the overall sense is improved, but the modification of thin people\’s slender legs is not as rich as complementary colors. Especially the relatively long people, people with long legs, but also to show a sense of skin.

SK8 will always be worn as a trousers, because SK8 shoes are high in the ankle, with shorts, will give people the legs do not have long, even if you are high, you will feel uncomfortable. Don\’t say a short friend, SK8 can match pants, slim straight cowboy, tooling, any trousers, basicsYes, even if you are putting down your trousers, or rolling up, you are very nice.