Wade\’s 8th heavy hits Wade\’s road 8 advanced design cool

China Li Ning is a domestic brand. With the release of a series of fashion week, Li Ning, China, gradually became popular. Recently, China Li Ning strongly landed in the global trend top collection Complex Con, and Wade himself is also here

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Publishing Wade\’s Road 8 Extreme Version WOW Infinity, let us wait and see!

Wade 8 Heavy hit

On November 4th, in the first show of China Li Ning ComplexCon, weaded the Rick Ross TEE\’s Weid, with the Rick himself. . Almost very far from the exhibition hall, I have heard the passerby of the passers-by. Wade signed by the fan after the scene, the scene atmosphere is particularly active, the most crucial is the Wade\’s way 8 has two versions, normal version of the ball shoes and pearl white special version wow infinity, let\’s take a look!

Wade\’s road 8 advanced design technology is full

Wade\’s way 8 normal version of the design, the upper use of Cordura materials Plus the leather, combined with durable and texture, two material combined with a texture of the texture

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Good. Then use innovative three-segment design with the neckline, and the bubbles at the tendin is inspired by the sports car seat, and the sufficient should be better to support and support. In the palm of the magic stickers, there is still two BOA

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rapid laces in the outside, and the shape of the \\\”8\\\” is buckled. This design is true. Not see.

Special version wow infinity

is inspired by Wade\’s Road 8, inheriting Wade in perfect On the basis of the advantages of exceptions, the target upgrade is increased. Double ATOP knob is tightening system, with a monochetic shoe body, realizing rapid switching on the field and offering, bringing a diverse wearing experience.

Not only that, Li Ning\’s latest cushioning technology is used, with a stereo carbon fiberboard, and overlapping EVA and soft TPU.

At the same time of reducing the weight of the slide, while the movement is improved, the lateral support is also increased, allowing the player more stable when it is changed.

Overall, Wade\’s Road 8 Series not only disvertedly imagined from the design of the design, but also from the actual functionality and the wearing experience, all-round innovation upgrades.