Wei Shao\’s feet Jordan why not zer0.1 Jordan why not zer0.1 \\\”Mirror Image\\\”

Jordan Why Not Zer0.1 \\\”Mirror Image\\\” is the new color of the first personal boots, which can be said to be high, do not know how to see this shoe, at least Q6U small compilation This shoe is very expected, full of creativity, Wei Shao also officially unveiled his first pair of actual combat sign shoes yesterday, let\’s take a look together

Wei Shao Jordan why not zer0.1

is really good,

Wei Shao wears a temperament

In the game, the first is the special color color called \\\”mirror image\\\”, and the upper is like a room filled with a poster, coated with various patterns related to Wei Shao. The configuration uses the full-eyed zoom air, ankle magic stickers, integrated follow-up and hot melt fabric shoes, etc.

The value is really nothing to say, although it is a doodle style, but also shows the temperament of Wei Shao

The pattern of the shoe Wei Shao dunk is very Exciting people

Wearing the ball

Nike White Socks Women

Nike Space Hippie

is very happy to come out

The ball breakthrough is also very easy

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Don\’t look carefully, you really can\’t see the details

Jordan Why Not Zer0.1 \\\”Mirror \\\”How much money

This pair of Jordan why not zer0.

Nike Fanny Pack for Men

1\\\” Mirror Image \\\”will be released on January 15

Pricing is $ 125, I believe that the domestic official selling price will also be reflected in the cost-effectiveness

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