What brand of FR2 is FR2 is the brand?

How do friends understand the trend? How much understanding is a very hot trend brand today, it is not more than other countries when this word is incompatible, but China has more and more trend brands in China, but friends are yours. Do you know, many trends in China are passed from Japan. Interested partners can come with Xiaobian to see the FR2 brand!

What brand of FR2

Benshibu Valley men\’s brand VANQUISH\’s author of Shichuan Cool in 2014, founded the secondary line FR2, and the unique The photographic attitude and the rabbit pattern carrying their styles are integrated into the costumes, and they quickly walk into the Volkswagen. In addition to expressing the street feeling in the way, Shichuan cool is often used as a source of inspiration in simple details. For example, to celebrate the success of the smoking, he prints the \\\”smoking kill\\\” slogan on the cigarette packaging on different items. This funny \\\”cerebral hole\\\” design is popular with fashion ION, and has become a brand quite signature. symbol.


Brand is Vanquish

and the picture in this FXXKING RABBITS logo

is the design of the VANQUISH brand RYO ISHIKAWA

\\\”FXXKING RABBITS\\\” in the name of \\\”# fr2\\\” is exposed on the name of \\\”# fr2\\\” in the blog of Eyescream.jp, as a special plan of shooting theme Signed logo

The clothes in the picture are one of the series of street clothing designs in this plan

Nike Hyperwarm Hood

FR2 clothing Price

The price is around 1,000 yuan

What will be such a thing as for the brand, in fact, FXXKING Rabbits appears from a mysterious tribe name called # fr2, at the time The author worked with a rabbit head cover, sharing a large number of photos as the theme of the female arm, and he was also shared by the Japanese magazine \\\”Eyescream\\\”, and the works are in women as the protagonist, and then become the network at the time. The photographer of the top is popular and topic

Nike Shox Women

. And take off the head, this photographer\’s identity is actually a man-made brand Vanquish, and the designer of Shichuan is cool. Later, he launched this fashion and photography combination with # fr2.BITS plans, did not expect such a success, just testing a \\\”Everyone Like Nude Photo\\\” that Shikawa cool said.Of course, all women are voluntarily photographed until now he is constantly recruiting nude models

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