When will AJ11 Blue Snake for sale AJ11 LOW \\\”Snakeskin\\\” physical appreciation

In fact, AJ11 is less than AJ1, whether it is fiery or popular, recent Air Jordan 11 low \\\”Blue Snakeskin\\\” Blue Snake will return in 2019. So when is AJ11 blue snake? Let\’s go to understand.

What is the time for sale

It is reported that Air Jordan 11 Low \\\”Blue Snakeskin\\\” Blue Snake will be available on April 19, 2019, the price is $ 185, and the ash snake is currently temporary Nike

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Air Jordan 11 Low \\\”snakeskin\\\”

Item No .: CD6846-102

April 19, 2019

Offers: $ 185

AJ11 Low \\\”Snakeskin\\\” physical appreciation

Shoes do not use 11 generations of the most proud paint material, but the unique gloss of serpentine leather makes shoes more fashionable atmosphere

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Take a closer look

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has texture

Detail full

[123 ] The curve of the shoes can be said to be perfect, with the serpentine leather, it is the sky of the sky

AJ11 Blue Snake is worth starting

The biggest change is The change in the material of the upper, and the reason for the AJ11 bluepell skin is the reason is that the price is high

Xiaobian can\’t find the second reason worthy of starting, the small partner is preaching