Why didn\’t Harden, why don\’t you step your husband\’s career?

Today, Xiaobian took everyone to see Haden\’s stunt,

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and then withdraws, there are also many small partners around Xiaoben, say that Harden is not going. Steps, Harden\’s score ability is so strong, then how much is his life? Let\’s take a look at the network!

Why didn\’t Harden? Why don\’t you step?

Beijing time on September 21st, NBA\’s board of directors voted in the NBA rule manual on step as an example. New regulations. The step definition given by the official is that after the ball is completed, the player can go back to the ball or shoot. If the ball has not been passed, the ball can be taken before, and the ball will take the ball.

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can go back to the ball or shoot, after the ball, the player\’s foot touch or two feet simultaneously counts the first step. Rocket reporter Fergen said according to the rules: as long as it can correctly complete the \\\”Harden-style withdrawal three points\\\”, it is rules.

With the step rules of today\’s NBA board, it is possible to stop the controversy of \\\”Harden after Harden\\\” meets the rules, and it is now the legitimate action of official certification. Xiaobian is also the first time I saw the alliance revision rules not to limit the players, and Harden is also unique.

This rule is released, not only Harden can be used more frequently. Curry can also be safe to make

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, after all, this is the official certification. action. Just I don\’t know if there will be a wave of use three-point withdrawal on the new season NBA.

Harden career three-pointer intermediate rate is \\\”

The laster is 36.5%, and it has been maintained at 36% in recent years.

For NBA shooters, 36% of hits can not be counted as excellent, but they can be counted.

However, Harden is not equal to NBA ordinary role players. Most of his three-pointers are very poor, and there are many three-pointers whose defensive players.

Harden is not a super superstar

Harden calculates a super superstar? If a super superstar can\’t bring a team to the finals all the year, then he should not belong to the super superstar. Look at the super superstar that everyone recognizes today, in fact, only James, Curry, Durant. James entered the finals in the eastern part of the East, three times won the championship, 3 times got FMVP. Curry has entered the finals for 4 consecutive times, won 3 championships, Durant gets 2 consecutive championships + 2FMVP.

What about Harden? More consecutiveA very good performance in a season, which has won MVP, and this season is the strongest compete for MVP. This season is a high score of 36.1 again to win the score again. Before Harden, before the season, the top five players were previously counted. Harden has a un-false, and luxurious data comes from personal unlimited fire protection, that is, Harden\’s data is based on other teammates to sacrifice the power, of course, we can\’t work with Haben. Because this is perhaps the tactical arrangement of coach. He is still very big! Harden has not yet a NBA championship, Kobe holds 5 NBA championships, which has gapped very obvious. And this season Harden repeatedly compared to Kobe, because Harden scored more than 35.4 points of Kobefield. It is necessary to know that Kobe has not so much three-pointers, and the defensive strength is now several times. This makes a lot of fans.

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