Why is Harden that will be limited to Harden?

It was originally thought that the Benn\’s three giants composed of Harden and Durant will have a nice chemical reaction, but did not expect the Basketball in the powerful explosion to be in the autumn of the Queen, before Durant injured, recently Harden It will also be restricted. For the basket fans, this is undoubtedly not a bad moment, I hope that Harden can recover soon!

Why did Harden break the battle

It is reported that Harden is unhappy when he is rehabilitation, and then Harden is finally in the nuclear magnetic resonance. Decided to enter an indefinite trial. The injuries of the bezer Harden have been unsatisfactory, and it is not hurting for so long.

Harden career is injured in the longest

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in the 2017-18 season, due to the right leg of the strand, seven games. However, according to statistics, from March 2010, Harden has absent 50 games, called the model player in the NBA League.

However, this time, 31-year-old Harden will create the longest continuous lack of defective scenes …

How does Harden come back

It is reported that Harden is serious, it is very likely that it is necessary to wait until the playoffs can come back, this wait time is too long, but for the health of the body, Harden has to wait! I hope that Harden will return soon. Since he can face the universe, it is the fans, as his fans, we also believe that he also has the ability to change against the sky, and wish the basket network can be healthy. The gesture appears in the playoffs.

Harden injury

Harden announced that there is no time to stop taking the seriousness of Harden, players usually understand their bodies, if ha I am too serious, then he may make a decision that does not fight. However, it is worth noting because the same injury, Harden is wrong, and it seems that he seems to go back to the game. For Brooklyn management, this is a strike of severe

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, because their three big stars have suffered from different degrees of injuries.

In fact, it is really awkward. This is probably the most difficult three gg combination in history. Since the three people, they have been in the same time, and even more than 210 minutes. I don\’t know the basket. The three giants of the network can compete in the strongest three giants, but the three giants in the history of the time are not they are all, if it is

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can be restored smoothly, the Harden has to wait until almostThe game can return, and at that time, he expect them to practice in the game. It is difficult to get if it is more than the game!

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