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Yeezy 500

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is a very popular shoe, no matter when to sell a new color, it will make people crazy snapped up. Recently, Yeezy 500 is about to have a new color matching is about to meet you. Next

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, look at this shoe together with Xiaobian.

YEEZY 500 霸 霸 高 高 高 物 物 物 物

This shoe uses a relatively gentle powder purple tone wearing the body and the midsole in color, because the color of this shoe is polar The enemy is inbounded in the revenge. Friday friends are called this coloring.

This shoe is used on the fabric of the shoes, including multi-material splicing combination, such as leather and suede, which makes this shoe with


The retro style does not lose the trend.

YEEZY 500 霸 霸 配 信息

It is reported that the release time of this Yeezy 500 is officially released on November 2, and the offer is $ 200. Friends who like this shoe can look forward to it. This shoe is better than fashion or with some trend of clothing.

Item No .: FW2656

Offering date: November 2, 2019

Offers: $ 200 USD [

YEEZY 500 How to make

Yeezy 500\’s upper use of suede fabrics, this fabric suggestion suede cleaner first cleans the surface of the surface, The friction provided by the cleaning gum effectively removes surface stains. After using the cleaning glue, you can use the cleaning kit to deeply clean. It is recommended that you can use the following dry cleaning kit. This cleaning kit contains cleaning foams, avoiding water during the cleaning process, which can effectively reduce the chance of injury. There are also different accessories in the suit, allowing cleaning entities to achieve excellent cleaning effects.